The Blazer Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you. Wed, 03 Apr 2019 17:01:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Skipping Gym Class Could Be Damaging Your Health Wed, 03 Apr 2019 17:01:06 +0000 When students think of taking a physical education class, they tend to think of boring routines that they must follow every class period to maintain a good grade.

“In weights class, you do the same thing over and over again and it isn’t very exciting. I felt like I wasn’t gaining anything from it,” Junior Abby Bowersock said.

Although this is a common example of how students view exercise classes, the purpose of taking a physical education class is not to make the high school years more miserable. The goal of getting exercise in school is to promote healthy living and uplift a person’s overall mood.

Exercise allows our bodies to burn extra calories that we may be consuming throughout the day. This prevents weight gain and risks of diseases associated with higher body fat percentages,” Health teacher and coach Lori Oestreicher said. “ Not only does exercise improve your physique, but it also is a stress reliever and mood enhancer. Students enrolled in PE have 85 minutes where they can relieve their stress from other classes and then they also feel good about their accomplishments once class is over.”

Mental illness is often thought to be treated through taking antidepressants or by going to talk with a therapist. However, a more modern and holistic approach to fighting off anxious and stressful emotions is by being active on a regular basis.

Physical activity or exercise can treat mental illnesses in ways that are similar to medicine. However, physical activity is a more natural and holistic method of doing so.

“Find a time that you can commit to.  Find fitness activities that you genuinely enjoy.  You will have a better chance of achieving your workout goals if you are doing something you actually like. Putting together a motivating music playlist or finding a fitness friend can also be helpful ideas,” aerobics teacher and coach Amy Stubblefield said.

Simple and often overlooked ways of getting exercise, such as going for a walk in nature, is one way to get some fresh air and self-care time while also improving your fitness.

Getting proper exercise can also improve cognitive function for students over time. This can be especially helpful with certain students that struggle to focus and sit still.

In elementary school, getting to go outside and play on the playground was an experience that a lot of students would look forward to as a young child.

“I liked being with friends and playing tag on the playground,” sophomore Lorna Fickens said.

Recess is a time for kids to get their wiggles out and relax. Although getting your homework done on time is important, it’s also equally crucial to take breaks and get your body moving.

Since high school and college students don’t get recess breaks, they have to find their own ways to keep alert through lectures.

“Research indicates that the brain needs movement in order to focus. 83 minutes is too long to sit still for anybody. My class is more attentive and better focused after our pep step,” physical science teacher Amy Hughes said.

Whether students realize it or not, gym class and exercise can be beneficial to the overall health of anybody, with the right perspective.


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What’s With the Humour of This Generation? Fri, 22 Mar 2019 18:28:57 +0000 The humour in recent generations has sort of a dark feel to it. Now more than ever people are being diagnosed with depression, ADHD, and anxiety. A common outlet for people, especially those who are not as comfortable in face-to-face situations,  to share their thoughts and feelings has become social media.

Social media can be a very positive influence for some.There are motivational pages or people others can follow.. However should the humour on social media that these newer generations have been posting, sharing, and liking also be a concern?

There are countless pages or accounts that post terrible things. Graphic videos or photos that can be stumbled upon. However newer generations have taken dark things such as this and turned them into humour. What has popularized this? Memes.

Memes seem to be the backbone of humour for newer generations. Memes seem to be driving humour especially in online communities.

Now of course, not all memes are bad. Memes can be funny and completely harmless. However it seems the more harmless they are, the less funny they are to these newer generations. Does this possibly have to do with the growing number of mental health issues in these younger generations?

A common theme in memes is personally degrading humour. Bringing people down, but ending with a punch line. This has become the norm, and isn’t just on the internet anymore.

“I think it’s easier for people to point a finger and laugh rather than putting themselves in another person’s shoes and considering what they may be going through,” senior Kyla Shappel said. “People begin to make jokes at their own expense as a defense mechanism. They’d rather say it themselves than have it pointed out.”

While this humour might make someone uncomfortable, it seems many are not against it. Many people even enjoy this kind of humour.

“The people ruffled by ‘degrading’ humor cannot pacify those who have a crude outlook on humor. The people with a crude outlook use this humor to ease their travels throughout life,” senior Marshall Maason said.

I think that this sense of humour has become sort of a relatable thing that newer generations can connect over. Especially if this humour has been social media driven, the motive behind this kind of humour could be to simply connect with others and make people feel less alone over this new age of technology. I do think there are downsides to this kind of humour, but I don’t think it’s anything that could or should be regulated.


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Let’s Get Away Wed, 06 Mar 2019 19:38:27 +0000 Spring Break is right around the corner, and there’s so many places to choose from! From staying in the United States to traveling to different continents, there’s so many cities to visit and attractions to discover. Today, we will go over five different places in North America to visit over our Spring Break which is from March 7 to March 17. We will travel to Nevada and all the way down south into Mexico. Please note that all of these prices are for March 7 to March 14 and they are all for one person.
Let’s go 1,339.7 miles away from Gardner and start in Las Vegas, Nevada. The average March temperature for Las Vegas is 73° for a high and 49° for a low. The flight would be $428-$447 on Southwest. Your hotel would be $101 a night and you’d be staying at the Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts. Some ideas on what to do while you’re there is visiting the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Fremont Street Experience, Neon Museum, and Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.
Let’s go 1,765.4 miles away from Gardner and end up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The average March temperature for Puerto Vallarta is 81° for a high and 63° for a low. The flight would be $537-$545 on American Airlines. Your hotel would be $52 a night and you’d be staying at Hotel Eloisa. Some ideas on what to do while you’re there is maybe doing some surfing, kite surfing, and snorkeling.
Let’s go 1,261.9 miles away from Gardner and end up in Daytona Beach, Florida. The average March temperature for Daytona Beach is 74° for a high and 56° for a low. The flight would be $469-$890 on American Airlines. Your hotel would be $169 a night and you’d be staying at the Daytona Beach Shores Hotel. Some ideas on what to do while you’re there is visiting the Museum of Arts & Sciences, Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory, and the Daytona 500 Tickets & Tours.
Let’s go 1,074.7 miles away from Gardner and end up in South Padre Island, Texas. The average March temperature for South Padre Island is 74° for a high and 62° for a low. The flight would be $531 on American Airlines. You hotel would be $129 a night and you’d be staying at Blue Bay Inn and Suites. Some ideas on what to do while you’re there is visiting the Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Beach Resort, Gravity Park, and the Butterfly Garden.
Let’s go 2,454.6 miles away from Gardner and arrive at our last stop Cancún, Mexico. The average March temperature for Cancún is 84° for a high and 69° for a low. The flight would be $547-$552 on American Airlines or United Airlines. Your hotel would be $213 a night and you’d be staying at Riu Caribe All Inclusive. Some ideas on what to do while you’re there is visiting the El Meco Archaeological Site, Ventura Park Cancun, and the Garrafon Park.

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Bandersnatch Review Tue, 12 Feb 2019 18:10:29 +0000 Around October,  Netflix started launching interactive shows/movies on their streaming service for users to watch — or more accurately play. One of the most well-known ventures partnered with Netflix’s exclusive popular hit show “Black Mirror,” to make an interactive movie named “Bandersnatch”.

In “Bandersnatch” the main character is Stefan who is a game designer in the ’80s in London. Stefan bases his game around a book called “Bandersnatch” in which you make choices, and it leads your story like the movie.

The movie can go on for about an hour and a half to reach a final ending. While playing, it progressively gets harder to tell what’s real and what’s fake. The movie starts you off by making small decisions which don’t matter then leads to huge decisions which can cut off certain pathways. Trying to keep this spoiler free as possible… there are no solid endings that would bring content; if a viewer is looking for a happy and the sunshine filled ending you’ll only get some death scenes.

The experience was entertaining, through but at certain points it makes you loop back to entice you to make a different decision. his does drive story; however, it’s a painstakingly long process watching what you’ve already seen. While some of the endings and total story make absolutely no sense, it’s extremely entertaining.

“Bandersnatch” was a total trip of a movie and fun to watch it wasn’t necessarily good like it’s sister show “Black Mirror”. This would be a great time killer if you have an hour or two free to sit back and watch and share what ending you got with your friends.

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Senior Part Time Perspective Tue, 12 Feb 2019 18:04:22 +0000 With Christmas and the New Year done for, the second semester is here and for most seniors it also means going part-time and a changing schedule. Looking at the most basic graduation requirements, a senior only need to have their last English credit or a government credit to graduate meaning a student could have one class and have a whole day off, given all previous classes have been passed. While some seniors are definitely the type who couldn’t handle one class at a time, this is entirely possible. Seniors often get to go home early and could only have a few classes.

“Blue days I have English 12 then weights after those two classes I go home for the day,” senior Christian Neff said.

Some seniors with honors or ap classes won’t enjoy this privilege to its fullest extent such as senior Caden Kussatz who only has one class off and mostly honors and AP classes. Along with this new freedom comes with new opportunities as Kussatz says he’s taking classes he may not need, but may be fun or helpful. Along with a choice in classes and schedule Neff stated that he also was happy about a choice in classes but was more interested in a smaller classroom setting and working in smaller groups.

Going part-time is a perk many underclassmen look forward to. Junior Alleigh Harlow said she fully planned on taking advantage of this next year.

“I plan on going part-time…So that I have classes in the morning so that I have the afternoon to work and take classes at JCCC and chill with friends,” Harlow said.

A good chunk of all seniors has some form of a class off in their schedule this brings a new responsibility and a new sense of college and depending on yourself to be in class.

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Why Valentine’s Day Sucks Tue, 12 Feb 2019 17:54:01 +0000 Valentine’s Day can be very bleak for some people, even for people with a significant other. First you have to worry about surviving Red Tuesday.

What is Red Tuesday? It’s the day of the year you’re most likely to get dumped. Why? People are forced to reconcile with commitment. Even if it’s not commitment into the relationship it’s commitment on the upcoming and dreaded Valentine’s Day. How much will you spend? To what lengths will you go to impress your significant other?

If you aren’t in a relationship then it’s just a dreaded time of year. The bright pink and reds are like flashing lights to remind you that you don’t have anyone to share that “special” day with. Even the people who don’t mind being single feel a little lonely.

What is one of the worst parts of Valentine’s Day? Everything is packed or sold out. You want to go have dinner with some friends or even just by yourself, well I hope you made a reservation otherwise you’ll be eating carry out pizza for dinner. Are you craving some high quality chocolate? Well, good luck finding any at the store. The pickings will be slim, and leftovers will already be open or damaged. Oh, and it will be overpriced.

This Hallmark Holiday is so bad that even stores celebrate the end of it. Half price candy, cards, and decor the day after!

Valentine’s Day can usually be remembered by frustration, loneliness, or second guessing your life choices. You shouldn’t have over-do yourself one day out of the year to impress your significant other when you have 364 more days to express your gratitude and love toward them.

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Bird Box Review Tue, 12 Feb 2019 17:42:49 +0000 Bird Box, the apocalyptic thriller of November 21 of 2018 hit it hard when it was released on Netflix. Bird Box was written by Josh Malerman, author of Goblin and I Can Taste the Blood, and the movie was directed by Susanne Bier. The casting director did a phenomenal job casting the characters.
In my opinion, I feel like this movie was too hyped up here in GE and around the world. Don’t get me wrong, this movie really had me at the edge of my seat. The kills were pretty solid and very interesting, and I wasn’t expecting some of them one after another. I love the characters in this movie, they had really good and well-developed characters.
I have some things that I found wrong in the movie. One, in that one scene where Malorie and Olympia were talking about naming the babies when they were born, Olympia says that she rather name her baby girl Ariel or Jasmine or Cinderella, but Malorie instead names her Olympia. She later names the boy whom she delivered Tom, after the only one survivor left with her before he shot himself through the chin after encountering the group of blood-thirsty people in the woods where they hunkered down. Two, I didn’t like how Felix, played by Machine Gun Kelly, and Lucy, his love interest, run off with Douglas’s car and leave the rest of the survivors stranded, especially when there’s two pregnant women who need the most vitamins and such to help their unborn children.
I feel that Malorie and Tom’s relationship and trust in one another was probably the single most best thing about this movie. Both strangers had to go through seeing or hearing their housemates get killed while Malorie was pregnant and then had to survive with one another with both newborns. They also both were probably the best developed characters.
I will say it again, some of the kills were eerily amazing. Possibly, my favorite and most memorable kill would have to be Sarah Paulson’s character, Jessica, who died by jumping in front of a oncoming garbage truck. Another death that stuck with me, and still is, is the woman in the burnt orange jumpsuit who smashed her head into the thick glass in one of the hospital’s corridors in the beginning of the movie. I think that was probably the most painful kill I witnessed in that movie, because I feel like the rest of the characters’ deaths were quick and painless, to a point.
I’m honestly surprised the movie only rated a 62% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, a 51% on Metacritic, and a 6.7/10 per IMDb. I believed that the movie should’ve been rated a little higher.
I totally agree with Screen Rant’s Sandy Schaefer who writes, “Bird Box is a respectably moody and intelligent psychological thriller, if also a relatively muddled supernatural horror allegory.”

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Behind The Blazer Tue, 12 Feb 2019 17:35:10 +0000 The student body here at Gardner-Edgerton High have many famed items at our disposal. An incredible football team, amazing clubs, and one heck of a newspaper. We write about serious topics, hence vaping and it’s risks and depression to some of the silliest and most random topics, like our latest, “What kind of pasta are you?” quiz.
In this article, you will be able to pinpoint what we newspaper staff writers actually do in Room 316. And if you’re thinking that all we do is type-type-type on the computers, you are wrong. We like to think of ourselves as a family. And when you are a part of this family, the parties are bigger, the jokes are funnier, and your everyday mentality is WAY better than it was.
Lindsey Ross, Gardner-Edgerton’s very own, Photography, Journalism, Yearbook, and Newspaper teacher is one busy bee. Ross camps out in her room with companion and next-in-charge, editor Senior Madeline Owens. The fall semester newspaper staff came out a few more than we have at the moment, a whopping five people, Ross included.
This year is Ross’s fifth year advising and she believes that this year will be the 39th year The Blazer has been up and running. The staff doles out roughly 80-100 stories on average, but it depends on the number of people on staff. “Every student wrote, like, one story per issue,” said Ross. That was before, with more people writing. Currently, we have four issues a year, but they are larger. “More students now need to write two stories an issue,” said Ross.
As you should all know, we do have an online website for you to get in on our community news. The URL for such a website is “There is also an app you can download on your phone and the stories that go in the print issue go there after the print paper has come out,” Ross says. Everything we write goes there in some way or form. Also, time sensitive matters go onto the website rather than on the print.
Ross provides future journalists or staff members with some great advice, “I think the most important thing for a [journalist or staff member] can have is curiosity.”
Senior Madeline Owens walks alongside Lindsey Ross when it comes to pulling everyone together. “My assignments consist of writing stories for the printed issue and the online news website, The Blazer. I also help other newspaper students write their papers and I provide feedback on their ideas,” says Owens when asked what we really do on staff.
“In order to join the Newspaper, all you would need to do is speak with Ms. Ross, our Newspaper teacher, and put it on your class schedule,” Owens advises as a way to get your voice heard. Both Ross and Owens recommend that you take one of the prerequisite for Newspaper, either Photography or 21st Century Journalism. Taking 21st Century will introduce you to the basics of writing stories.
Owens is also the staff editor and loves it to no avail. “I love being the Editor, and I love having the responsibilities that I have, such as making sure we meet our deadlines and giving advice to students writing their stories. It can be stressful at times, but the bonding and fun moments definitely outweighs the work!”
I bet you’re wondering about some of the benefits you can obtain when and if you become a member of the Newspaper staff. “You make new friends and bond with students while working on your stories. We have holiday parties and Food Fridays, which is when we bring in snacks and drinks during class,” Owens states. Not only do you have benefits that benefit your appetite, there’s other, more non-eating benefits as well. Owens says, “Writing and editing news stories can benefit you by teaching paper writing skills and time management. Also, it’s an amazing creative outlet for photography and graphic design. Newspaper students have opportunities to complete technical career pathways, and being a writer for a newspaper looks great on a college resume.”
Owens sees that the best part of being on staff is “having that feeling of family with the people you work with.” We all make great memories and “we all understand the struggles of writing for a newspaper.”

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Adventuring to College Tue, 12 Feb 2019 17:33:02 +0000 College is a big thing, especially to high school students who are determined to make a mark on the world. All over the globe, people are enrolled into some of the best, most expensive universities, already knowing what they want to do for the rest of their lives. And then there’s some of our community, mere months away from graduating and still not knowing what they want to do after graduation.
Here’s a list compiled for those who needs a little guidance when it comes to choosing the right school and/or career path. There’s at least five universities/colleges for the most popular careers. Please note that some of the universities are Ivy League schools, and are the most sought after schools for those who love to learn.
For those interested in some of the more creative courses, should turn to art.

  1. Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut. Annual tuition for Yale University is $36,359. The top programs are Painting and Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, and many more.
  2. Rutgers University, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Annual tuition for Rutgers University is $18,216 (resident), $28,800 (non-resident) (with full fellowships for all admitted MFA students). The top programs are Painting and Drawing.
  3. Bard College, located in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. Annual tuition for Bard College is $21,919. The top programs are Painting, Sculpture; Film and Video.
  4. Maryland Institute College of Art, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Annual tuition for Maryland Institute College of Art is $45,290. The top programs are Painting, Sculpture, Photographic and Electronic Media.
  5. Virginia Commonwealth University, located in Richmond, Virginia. Annual tuition for Virginia Commonwealth University is $15,483 (resident), $28,164 (non-resident). The top programs are Sculpture, Glass, Graphic Design.

For those more interested in Mathematics and the logical way of life, should veer of into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).

  1. Princeton University, located in Princeton, New Jersey. Annual tuition for Princeton University is $47,140. Top programs are Mathematics, Geometry, Applied Math, etc. Please note, Princeton University is an Ivy League school.
  2. Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Annual tuition for Harvard University is $46,340 for tuition and another $67,580 for books, etc. The top programs are Analysis and Topography. Please note, Harvard University is an Ivy League school.
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Annual tuition for MIT is $67,430 for all students regardless of their residency. This fee is comprised of $49,580 for tuition, $14,720 room and board, $1,000 for books and supplies and $312 for other fees. The top programs are Mathematics, Geometry, and Topography.
  4. Stanford University, located in Stanford, California. The annual tuition for Stanford University is $51,353. The top programs are Mathematics, Algebra/Number Theory, Applied Math.
  5. University of California-Berkeley, located in Berkeley, California. The annual tuition for University of California-Berkeley is $14,170 (resident), $42,184(non-resident). The top programs are Logic, Mathematics, and Geometry.

There’s a big demand for those of us wanting to jump into the medical field and there’s some really good colleges out there.

  1. Harvard University, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Annual tuition for Harvard University is $59,800. The top programs are Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics. Please note, Harvard University is an Ivy League school.
  2. John Hopkins University, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Annual tuition for John Hopkins University is $51,900. The top programs are Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery.
  3. New York University (Langone), located in New York, New York. Annual tuition for John Hopkins University is $52,814. The top programs are Radiology.
  4. Stanford University, located in Stanford, California. Annual tuition for Stanford University is $56,229. The top programs are everything included above.
  5. University of California (San-Francisco), located in San Francisco, California. Annual tuition for University of California (San-Francisco) is $46,631. The top programs are everything included above.

And yet, there are more majors and minors that you could occupy. There’s also a more expensive route you could take to fulfill your never-ending craving for knowledge. That’s an Ivy League school. You may have heard of some of them in movies or whatnot; Princeton University (A Cinderella Story), or Harvard University (Legally Blonde) and many others.
Most of the Ivy League schools range from $46,144 (Princeton University) to as high as $107,677 (Cornell University) a year!

  1. Cornell University (Pre-Vet), located in Ithaca, New York. Annual tuition for Cornell University is $107,677.
  2. Harvard University (Pre-Med, Pre-Law), located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Annual tuition for Harvard University is $95,930.
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#ZeroReasonsWhy Thu, 31 Jan 2019 17:26:46 +0000 According to Suicide Awareness for Voices of Education every 12 minutes the United States loses someone to suicide. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., yet remains one of the most taboo topics. However there are people on a mission to break this silence and bring awareness to this deeply rooted problem.

The #ZeroReasonsWhy Campaign,organized by Johnson County Community leaders and and school districts, aims to prevent teen suicide by spreading awareness.

Since the campaign is directed towards teens, organizers thought it would be beneficial  to have a teen council help run the operation. Two Gardner Edgerton students serve on the council, seniors Taylor Fergola and Blake Burns.

“#ZeroReasonsWhy is a group that is determined to eliminate suicide and improve mental health in the Johnson County area,” Burns said. “We have three pillars to our campaign. We want to eliminate the stigma of mental health, improve community support to mental health, and educate people about how to properly handle mental health.”

The #ZeroReasonsWhy teen council has a total of nine members. The members are all high school students in the Johnson County area. Teen council members perform various tasks for the campaign.

We have presented to many high ranking people in the school system and across Johnson County. We have met with the [school] superintendents and the leaders in Advent Health and Olathe Health facilities,” Burns said. “In teen council meetings we create ideas to benefit one of our three pillars. We also meet with others to have them share their ideas. And in return have us share ideas with them.”

#ZeroReasonsWhy wants to hear from the community, so they have created a feature on their website where you can go and share your own personal story. Gardner Edgerton senior Fiona Turner shared her story with the #ZeroReasonsWhy organization.

“I decided to share my story because I hated feeling so alone when I was struggling. I know what it felt like to think you were trapped and watching everyone live seemingly normal lives. I don’t want anyone to go on feeling alone,” Turner said.

The #ZeroReasonsWhy campaign is making strides towards making people feel more comfortable with the idea of talking about suicide and how to aid in suicide prevention. Social worker Alyce Weber is excited about all of the new involvement.

“I am extremely excited to talk about mental health and how to prevent suicide in our community… Often times someone who is suicidal cannot find the words to ask for help. The more we educate our students and staff to recognize the warning signs and how to help someone in need, the more lives we can save,” Weber said.

Want to get involved? You can share your own story at, or join the upcoming club here at GEHS. Remember there are zero reasons why suicide would be an option. Help is here, and you can find it here in our school and community.

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